موقع                                                                                     - جامعة النيل
.   جامعة النيل
Nile University is a not-for-profit, privately-owned and autonomously-managed institution of higher learning. It is the first in a new class of academic institutions in Egypt that embraces partnership with the private sector, represented by an NGO (EFTED),
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موقع                                                                                           - emirates internet and multimedia
.   emirates internet and multimedia
local internet presence provider. offers bill payment services and details of services available through the company. contains a regional directory and yellow pages.
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موقع                                                                                      - ame info
.   ame info
regional business directory and current event calendar. daily updated business and financial news from the middle east including audio and video coverage.
التقييم   0/0 - University of Michigan
.   University of Michigan
university of michigan is one of the top universities of the world a diverse public institution of higher learning fostering excellence in research. u-m provides outstanding undergraduate graduate and professional education serving the local regional
التقييم   0/0 - BigPond Broadband and Media - Video, Sport, Music, Games and Entertainment
.   BigPond Broadband and Media - Video, Sport, Music, Games and Entertainment
bigpond has a broadband adsl cable satellite or wireless broadband plan to suit your speed budget and downloading needs wherever you are in metropolitan regional rural or remote locations across australia. if you want to experience incredible new
التقييم   0/0 - eProthomAlo
.   eProthomAlo
eProthomAlo 2011. Website ei Kagojer Amej. Prothom Alo provides trusted Bangladesh and International news as well as local and regional perspectives.
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.   Regional
التقييم   0/0 - RIPE Network Coordination Centre
.   RIPE Network Coordination Centre
the ripe ncc is one of five regional internet registries (rirs) providing internet resource allocations registration services and coordination activities that support the operation of the internet globally.
التقييم   0/0 - Welcome To Tiger Airways
.   Welcome To Tiger Airways
Welcome to Tiger Airways – the low-fare airline choice for Asia Regional airline serving Singapore Australia and South-East Asian and Asia-Pacific destinations. Providing online bookings for flights hotels cars accommodation and insurance.
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